Another week of great deals! Thank you Lynda :)

Don’t feel you have to buy the entire supply list in one shopping trip. I personally advise you pick up the best deals each week that meet your supply list needs. Please read the blurb under OfficeDepot/Max as this store has 3 different flyers (depending on where you live) this week and I have listed their deals differently than I have in the past.

I have put asterisks ( ***) by the deals that I think are definitely a SUPER buy.

Some sites to check out for school supply coupons:


Paper Mate Sharpwriter Mechanical Pencils (5pk) = FREE AFTER REBATE (3.79 – 3.79 rebate = FREE) (*** if you do rebate)

Staples pencil boxes = 0.50 ***
Paper Mate white pearl pen/pencil erasers (3pk) = $1
BIC Bright Liner Grip highlighters (5pk) = $1 ***
RoseArt colored pencils (12pk) = $1
Ticonderoga #2 pencils (12pk) = $2
Sharpie permanent markers chisel tip (4pk) = $3 *** because chisel tip rarely goes on sale, if you don’t need/want chisel tip this isn’t a super deal
Staples heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener = $10 ***
Poster putty (2oz) = $1

Staples primary composition book (100sheets) (this book should have pages where the top 1/2 is blank and the bottom 1/2 has lines for writing) = $2***only if you need this style composition book

Staples Composition Books = 0.50
Staples Filler paper = 0.82
Crayola classic markers (10pk) = 0.97
Crayola 24 pk crayons = 0.50
2 pocket folders = 0.15
Slider pencil cases = 0.75
Staples graph rule paper composition book = $1

Staples 8.5×11 multipurpose paper (500sheets) = $2.00 AFTER REBATE AND COUPON (7.79 – 3.80 rebate – 1.99 coupon = 2.00) (*** if you use coupon and do rebate) If you didn’t get a Staples ad, you can print the coupon here: This is a new rebate this week — so if you did last week’s Staples paper rebate, you can do this week’s.

NOTE: For those of you new to my emails or to Staples’ rebates: Staples Easy Rebates are super easy to do. You can file the rebate online and the check ALWAYS arrives.

OFFICE DEPOT/OFFICE MAX (the 2 companies merged in November 2013)

Office Depot/Office Max has 3 different flyers this week, depending on where you live. They want to make me crazy. If you live in Virginia, they truly want to make you crazy because all 3 ads are active in Virginia (honest!! If you want to be amused, go to OfficeDepot, check their ad online, change the location and compare Bristol, VA and Richmond, VA and Fairfax, VA. Each of those locations has a different ad.) So, I have initially listed the deals that are the same in all 3 ads (because the main difference between the 3 ads is the penny and quarter and cheap deals). After that, please find your state for their cheap deals. (And if I didn’t list your state, I apologize — I’m not 100% sure where everyone lives.)

The following deals are good in ALL STATES:

Scotch Adhesive Putty Tape (2oz) = $1
BIC round stic grip pens (12pk) =$1
Elmer’s 6pk + 2bonus purple glue sticks = $2
Office Depot or Office Max trading card pages (10pk) = $2
Crayola 64pk crayons = $3
Expo Dry Erase Markers = Buy 2, Get 1 free
Sharpie Multi-packs = Buy 2, Get 1 free
Office Depot Brand Copy Paper = $4 (plus receive 50% back in rewards – limit 4 per household)

The following deals are good in the following states: NC, FL, NV, SC, TX, UT, CT, PA, AR, ID, WA, MD, OH and Fairfax, VA

2 pocket paper folders = 0.01 (limit 10 per customer) with $5 minimum purchase

The following items are 0.25 each (limit 3 per customer) (and no minimum purchase!!)
Scholastic or OfficeMax brand bottle glue (4oz) ***
Office Depot brand or Office Max brand 12″ plastic ruler***
Office Depot brand or Office Max brand 6″ plastic protractor***
Office Depot brand (3pk) or Office Max brand (5pk) pink erasers ***esp the 5pk
Office Depot brand or Westcott 5″ scissors***
Really Useful boxes (.014L)

The following deals are good in the following states: GA, TN, AL, AZ, NM, LA, IA, KS, MO, WV

single subject spiral notebook = 0.01 (limit 3 per customer) with $5 minimum purchase

Office Depot (12pk) and OfficeMax (24pk) mechanical pencils = 0.25 (limit = 3)***
Paper Mate InkJoy single pen = 0.25 (limit = 5)
Office Depot or OfficeMax plastic 2pocket folder = 0.50 (limit = 3)***
Office Depot or OfficeMax 3 hole punch (type that goes in a 3-ring binder) = $1 (limit = 3)***
Expo Low Odor Dry Erase markers (4pk) = $1 (limit = 3)***

The following deals are good in the following states: NJ, NY, MA, PA and Richmond, VA

2 pocket paper folders = 0.01 (limit 10 per customer) with $5 minimum purchase
Office Depot or Office Max #2 pencils (8ct) = 0.01 (limit 3 per customer) with $5 minimum purchase
Office Depot or Office Max 12″ plastic ruler = 0.01 (limit 3 per customer) with $5 minimum purchase

Office Depot or Office Max brand filler paper (wide ruled or college ruled) = 0.25 (limit 3)
Office Depot or Office Max brand 12″ student compass = 0.25 (limit 3)
Office Depot or Office Max brand ballpoint stick pens (10pk) = 0.25 (limit 3)


I am currently in NewJersey at my in-laws and for some odd reason, their Sunday paper did NOT have a Walgreens’ ad. I attempted to access it online, but Walgreens is having issues with their site and I can’t access the ad. I will grab one when I return home and send an update with Walgreens deals later in the week. I apologize for this.


Target has coupons for school supplies – you can print them here:

Nothing jumped out in the ad as a good or even super deal.

Paper Mate pens (10pk) = 0.97 (use the $1/2 printable coupon from above Target site, buy 2 packs, spend 0.47 on each pack)

From July 25th through July 31st, teachers can submit their Walmart receipts (for school supplies only) and receive 10% back in an e-gift card. More information at:
From what I have learned, the e-gift card can be used at Walmart, either in a store or online.

Most of these prices are everyday (or at least for the next 2 months) prices.

Elmer’s School Glue Sticks 2pk = 0.50
Crayola 24pk crayons = 0.50
Fiskars Wooden 12″ ruler = 0.25
Neon eraser (single count) = 0.25
1 subject notebooks = 0.25
1 subject FASHION notebooks = 0.50
Pocket folders = 0.15
POLY (plastic) pocket folders = 0.50
CraZArt brand 24ct crayons = 0.25
CraZArt brand colored pencils = 0.77
3×5 index cards (100ct) = 0.48
Notebook paper (150 sheets) = 0.82
1″ 3-ring binder = 0.94
Sterlite pencil box = 0.97
Single subject spiral notebooks (5pk) = 0.97
Bic Round Stic Pens (10pk) = 0.97
Papermate InkJoy Retractable pens (100ct) black or asst colors = $3.77
Papermate Mechanical Pencils (20ct) = $2.77

Composition notebooks = 0.50 (do not pay more than 0.50! That said, usually one of the office supply stores will have a weekly deal on composition notebooks, usually for 0.25 each)

Have a fantastic day! -Lynda

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