Head out and get these school supply deals! Most of us will start back next week, others already have!

Don’t feel you have to buy the entire supply list in one shopping trip. I personally advise you pick up the best deals each week that meet your supply list needs. Please read the blurb under OfficeDepot/Max as this store has 3 different flyers (depending on where you live) this week.

I have put asterisks ( ***) by the deals that I think are definitely a SUPER buy.

Some sites to check out for school supply coupons:






Paper Mate Profile ballpoint pens (4pk) = FREE AFTER REBATE ($3 – $3 rebate = FREE) (*** if you do rebate)

For those of you who have asked me about getting a “better deal” on binders, I’d suggest checking out Staples this week. First, they have a 20% off coupon for “everything you can fit in our bag” (& the coupon gives you a free Staples reusable bag). The coupon can be printed at http://www.staples.com/coupons. Second, Staples also has the following binder coupons to print (at http://www.staples.com/coupons): A) 50% off any Avery binder and B) 30% off any Staples Better Binder. The fine print on the 20% coupon is a tad confusing — it states both “one coupon per item” and “”scan any product-specific coupons applicable to the transaction prior to scanning 20% coupon”.

Staples has five $1 off coupons in their flyer this week. These same coupons can be printed at http://www.staples.com/coupons. The coupons are for the following brands: Sharpie, PaperMate, uniball, Expo, and Mr Sketch. The fine print on all the coupons (except Mr Sketch) state “Limit 5 coupons per customer. Each item purchased can only be discounted by one coupon.” This means you can buy 5 different Sharpie items and use 5 $1 Sharpie coupons. For Mr. Sketch, only 1 coupon per customer.

Use these coupon to decrease the following sale prices:

Sharpie markers 12pk = $5 ($4 after coupon***)
Sharpie Accent highlighters 5pk = $5 ($4 after coupon)

PaperMate Profile Pens Elite (8pk) = $8 ($7 after coupon)
PaperMate Profile Pens retractable assorted (12pk) = $8 ($7 after coupon)
Papermate mechanical pencils (5pk) = $3 ($2 after coupon)

Expo dry erase markers (4pk) = $4 ($3 after coupon***)
Expo low odor dry erase starter set = $6 ($5 after coupon)

uniball Kuru Toga mechanical pencils = $5 ($4 after coupon)
uniball 207 pens (4pk) = $5 ($4 after coupon)

Mr Sketch 12pk markers = $7 ($6 after coupon)

Staples Composition Books = 0.50
Staples Filler paper = 0.82
Crayola classic markers (10pk) = 0.97 ***
Crayola colored pencils (12pk) = 0.97***
Crayola 24 pk crayons = 0.50
2 pocket folders = 0.15
Slider pencil cases = 0.75
Staples graph rule paper composition book = $1

AGAIN: There are 2 different options for Hammermill paper this week:
In the paper ad, there is a coupon that makes 1 ream = $1 (after coupon AND rebate).
***If you go to http://www.staples.com/coupons and print the coupon, the ream = FREE (after coupon AND rebate). ***
It appears to be the SAME rebate, so I would definitely go with the online coupon to get a ream for FREE (again, after coupon AND rebate).

NOTE: For those of you new to my emails or to Staples’ rebates: Staples Easy Rebates are super easy to do. You can file the rebate online and the check ALWAYS arrives.

OFFICE DEPOT/OFFICE MAX (the 2 companies merged in November 2013)

Office Depot/Office Max is still making me crazy with their 3 different flyers, depending on where you live. I have initially listed the deals that are the same in all 3 ads (because the main difference between the 3 ads is the penny and quarter and free after rebate deals). After that, please find your state for their cheap deals. (And if I didn’t list your state, I apologize — I’m not 100% sure where everyone lives and I didn’t check as many states this week due to time.)

The following deals are good in ALL STATES:

1″ flexible binders = 0.50 (limit 3)

The following items are $1 each:
Scholastic colored pencils (12pk)
Fashion covered composition books

The following items are $2 each:
OD brand antibacterial soap (7.5oz)
OD brand hand sanitizer (8oz) *** (although I wonder if Dollar Tree would have this same size, different brand for $1?? I don’t know…)
Paper Mate retractable ball point pens (4pk)
Scotch Expressions Masking tape
10box pack of paperclips (100 per box) ***

Color file folders (24pk) = $5

The following deals are good in the following states: NC, MD, FL, NV, TX, UT, and Fairfax, VA

The following items are 0.25 each (limit 3)
slider pencil boxes ***
Scholastic or OfficeMax brand 4oz glue***
Office Brand or Office Max 12” plastic rulers ***
wood pencils #2 (8pk)

Hand sanitizer (with clip for backpack) = 0.50 (limit 3)
Foray mini-magnetic dry erase board (11″x14″) = $3 (limit 3)

The following deals are good in the following states: GA, TN, MO, KS, KY, WV, and Bristol, VA

1″ flexible binders = 0.50 (limit 3)
flat pencil pouches (go in binders) = 0.25 (limit 3)***
Elmers 4oz glue = $1
OD or OM brand 3 hole punch to go in binder = $1***
OD or OM brand graph filler paper = $1
Post-it Notes (die cut style) = $1

The following deals are good in the following states: NJ, NY, MA, DE, PA and Richmond, VA

Composition Notebooks = 0.10 each (limit 3 per customer) ***

The following items are 0.25 each
2-hole manual pencil sharpener (limit 3)
Sharpie individual pens (limit 5) ***
OfficeMax brand or Scholastic brand glue sticks 4pk (limit 3)

The following items are 0.50 each
Office Depot (3pk) or Office Max (4pk) highlighters (limit 3) ***
Crayola Crayons (24pk) (limit 3)


The following items are 0.19 (with coupon on page 7 of ad) (limit 3)
Wexford 2pk pink erasers***
Wexford 15 pk cap erasers***

The following items are 0.29 (with coupon on page 7 of ad) (limit 3)
Wexford 3×5 index cards (100pk)***

The following items are 0.39 (with coupon on page 7 of ad) (limit 3)
Wexford plast 12″ ruler***
Wexford 4oz glue
poster board 22×28″ *** (highly advise buying — great price!)

The following items are 0.49 (with coupon on page 7 of ad) (limit 2)
Soho clear school supply box

The following items are 0.69 (with coupon on page 7 of ad) (limit 3)
Wexford spiral notebook
Wexford 1″ binder
Wexford composition books
Wexford tab dividers with pockets (5pk)***
Wexford sheet protectors (10pk)***

The following items are 0.79 (with coupon on page 7 of ad)
Wexford legal pads (2 or 3pk) (limit 3)***
Bic Brite Liner highlighters (5pk) (limit 2)***

The following are 0.99 each (with coupon on page 7 of ad) (limit 3)
Wexford 1 subject poly front notebooks
Wexford ballpoint pens (20pk)
Wexford construction paper (96sheets)
Zebra Z-grip retractable pens (5pk)

Wexford mechanical pencils (30pk) = $1.99 with coupon on page 7 of ad (limit 2)
Designer pencils = 8 for $1 with coupon on page 7 of ad (limit 8)
Wexford mini-highlighters = 7 for $1 with coupon page 7 of ad (limit 7)
Wexford 2 pocket folders with prongs = 7 for $1
Wexford mini notebooks = 7 for $1
Crayola colored pencils (12pk) = 0.99
Crayola washable markers (8pk) = 0.99
Crayola crayons (24pk) = 0.99
Sharpie single markers = 0.49
PaperMate stick pens (10pk) = 0.49
PaperMate mechanical pencils (10pk) = 0.49
Wexford highlighters (6pk) = 0.49


Target has coupons for school supplies – you can print them here:
also check here: http://coupons.target.com/back-to-school-coupons

Case-It 2″ zippered fabric binder = $13.50

Page 13 of ad states “Buy any 3 items on this page and get free $5 Target Gift Card”


Most of these prices are everyday (or at least for the next 2 months) prices.

Elmer’s School Glue Sticks 2pk = 0.50
Crayola 24pk crayons = 0.50
Fiskars Wooden 12″ ruler = 0.25
Neon eraser (single count) = 0.25
1 subject notebooks = 0.25
1 subject FASHION notebooks = 0.50
Pocket folders = 0.15
POLY (plastic) pocket folders = 0.50
CraZArt brand 24ct crayons = 0.25
CraZArt brand colored pencils = 0.77
3×5 index cards (100ct) = 0.48
Notebook paper (150 sheets) = 0.82
1″ 3-ring binder = 0.94
Sterlite pencil box = 0.97
Single subject spiral notebooks (5pk) = 0.97
Bic Round Stic Pens (10pk) = 0.97
Papermate InkJoy Retractable pens (100ct) black or asst colors = $3.77
Papermate Mechanical Pencils (20ct) = $2.77

Composition notebooks = 0.50 (do not pay more than 0.50! That said, usually one of the office supply stores will have a weekly deal on composition notebooks, usually for 0.25 each)

Happy shopping! – Lynda

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