Sample & Share

  • These sites send you products to sample and/or share with your friends.
  • Sometimes it is a full sized product, sometimes it is a sample size and sometimes they send you a coupon to get their item free from a store near you.
  • They expect feedback in some format, which will be explained to you before you agree to the Sample & Share.
  • Sometimes you get to keep the product and sometimes you have to send the remaining product back as this may be a product not yet available to the general public or still in development.
  • There is usually an incentive of some sort but sometimes the product is the incentive, this will be told to you upfront.

If you would like to be contacted/referred when we know that a Sample & Share site is available please leave a comment with our first name and preferred email address, your information will not be made public.

If a site becomes available to the general public and has open registration you can expect to see it posted in the category.


This site gives you the opportunity to host parties and sample products, you never know what they will offer next!  Sign up for opportunities and let us know what you get to try. There are two sister sites, one is for ages 21 & up.  There is not usually a monetary return for this site but the products sampled you usually get to keep. They recently did a house party for the new soda fountain!


This is a traditional Sample & Share site where they will send you products to sample and share with your friends, if you fit the profile they are looking for.  Some examples of past samplings we have participated in are: CoverGirl, Glade, Scrubbing Bubbles, TruMoo, Claritin, Aveeno, Afrin, UNREAL candy, NERF and the newest is RedBoxStreaming Beta Test.  You are not paid cash directly but will be awarded points for fulfilling your missions and these points are redeemable for gift cards through their sister site, if you would like to be referred to the sister site as well please leave us a comment here with your name and preferred email address, your information will not be made public.  Be sure to sign up for both links because the second one is the site BzzAgent uses for their points.–_E&arr=s3&afsrc=1&src=EXTERNAL_PUBLICATION

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